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Adobe released their Lightroom 5.2 update today. The new 5.2 update adds a few minor new features and of course includes a boat load of bug fixes based on the reports people have been filing with Adobe since Lightroom 5/5.1 were released.

Link: Adobe Releases Lightroom 5.2

Sony A77 GPS assist data auf dem Mac

Hier eine Beschreibung wie man mit einem Mac auf seine Sony Alpha 77 GPS assist Daten bekommt:

Sony : SLT-A77 Probleme | Tipps und Lösungen von Sony.

Hier der Originaltext:

A memory card which can be used with your camera and the supplied USB cable are necessary for updating.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Insert the memory card to the camera.
  2. Download the latest GPS assist data from [[here]]. The downloaded file will be stored in the [Download] folder.
  3. Connect the camera to the computer, and double-click the memory card icon where the downloaded file will be saved.

– The memory card icon name will be either “Untitled” or “NO NAME”.
– If multiple icons are displayed, specify the memory card icon referring to the free space; to do so, click the icon once, press the space key and show the property.
– The downloaded file is not effective if you save it in the internal memory.
4. In the memory card, create a hierarchy of folders [Private] > [Sony] > [GPS].
5. Copy the downloaded GPS assist data file [assistme.dat] to the [GPS] folder.
6. Disconnect the camera and the computer, and turn on the camera. The GPS assist data will be updated automatically in the camera.

Update information for GPS assist data can be confirmed in the menu.