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Mind-blowing Uses of Typography


53 Mind-blowing Uses of Typography – auf psd tuts+

Typography is an ancient foundation of graphic design. As any good designer knows, the way that words are presented has a powerful influence on the way they are interpreted by the viewer. Here we’ve collected 53 stunning uses of typography by eight different designers. We hope you’re inspired by this selection!

Typography Tools auf SmashingMagazine


Sehr brauchbare und interessante Zusammenstellung an Tools und Ressourcen rund ums Thema Typographie – zu finden auf SmashingMagazine.

We love beautiful typography, and we appreciate the efforts of designers who come up with great typographic techniques and tools or who just share their knowledge with fellow designers. We are always looking for such resources. We compile them, carefully select the best ones and then prepare them for our round-ups. And now it’s time to present a beautiful fresh dose of typography-related resources.

To help you improve the typography in your designs, we’re presenting here useful new articles, tools and resources related to typography. You will learn the fundamentals of typography, find out how to combine fonts and know what to keep in mind when choosing a typeface. We also present typography-related slideshows, glossaries, layouts and experiments.

Creative Typography Wallpapers

Sehr kreative und inspirierende Sammlung an Hintergrundbildern hauptsächlich gestaltet mit Typografie. Zum Durchstöbern und Inspiration holen auf: 28-kick-ass-creative-typography-wallpapers

Typography is one of the most fascinating element in graphic design. There are a number of ways spice up typography like using fancy fonts, presenting it on 3d, twisting the letters, experimenting with colors and many more. These factors give the artist total control, allowing them to create good-looking and eye-catching typography in their designs. In this collection, you’ll see a list of incredible typography wallpapers that will surely inspire type lovers.



Helvetica & Arial

Helvetica & Arial

Design 4 Plesure

Design 4 Plesure

the best of the first half 2009



As we approach the halfway point of 2009, we’ve begun seeking out the best and brightest in the ol’ Custom Letters Dept. And we are asking for submissions—if you see something we’ve missed, please send us a link.

Custom Letters is an evolving category that includes calligraphy, sign painting, graffiti, stone carving, digital lettering, hand lettering, paper sculpture, and type design (we’d prefer to feature new/original type over, say, revivals).

Custom, in this instance, means built from scratch; we aren’t looking for customization—a type treatment or 3d treatment—of an existing typeface.

We’ll be adding more pieces as the year progresses, culminating with a Best of 2009 at the end of the year.

Now to the good, the great, and the notable stuff we’ve seen so far in 2009.

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Grotesque Alphabet


This late 16th century suite of ornamental letters by Giacomo Paolini is known as ‘Grotesque Alphabet in Mythological Landscapes’. The only thing I discovered about Paolini is that he was an Italian artist.

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