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Vector Artwork

AQUAngelina by Ahmed Al-Refaie

AQUAngelina by Ahmed Al-Refaie


Vector artwork has always intrigued me. When executed correctly, these creations can be simply stunning. In this post, I have assembled an amazing collection of vector artwork design which will truly inspire you. Each artist showcased has their own unique vector style.  Hopefully one of these creations will inspire you to create your own amazing design. Enjoy!

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Inspirational Artwork: Hugo Boss



Inspirational Artwork: Hugo Boss Fragrance

I have always been very interested in fashion and keeping up with the latest trends or what the latest hot fragrance is. Hugo, by Hugo Boss is a fragrance that was very popular in the late 90s and early 2000s among young adults and all though it was introduced almost 15 years ago it has stood the test of time. In today’s post you will see some beautifully designed artwork around the famous Hugo fragrance bottle that will inspire you to create some of your own amazing pieces. Enjoy!

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Illustrator Brush Tool

ai brush toolIm Blog gibts eine interessante Übersicht zu Illustrators Pinsel-Werkzeug: an-overview-of-brushes-in-illustrator

… Many types of Photoshop brushes are also used almost like a rubber stamp tool, placing a predefined shape directly onto a layer (though they are certainly more powerful and more versatile than that). In Illustrator, though, brushes are used to stroke paths.

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  • Leopard and Snow Leopard tipps: (video) #
  • Leopard and Snow Leopard XRay folder mode; type in Terminal and restart finder after: defaults write QLEnableXRayFolders 1 #
  • minimize a window directly to the application: use the dock system-preferences: "minimize window to the application icon" #
  • Klick and hold on an icon in the dock – exposé just for this one application. #
  • Hidden features in Snow Leopard: (video) #
  • SL Exposé: press cmd+tab to select a application, just tab to cycle throw, space for bigger view, enter to … enter #
  • Snow Leopard Exposé: Cmd+1 = sort alphabetically, Cmd+2 = sort by application. Press a letter to jump to that window #
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  • 10 Things I Would Tell New Lightroom Users: #
  • Bird photography: #
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