MD|Tweets vom 2009-11-04

  • Thanks to @philsniff for the tl-webshop tip. Do you know #isotope? #
  • I found this shop plugin for #typolight -> #isotope: Do someone work with this system? Or any experience? #
  • RT: @kohlikohl: @MartinDoersch are u already a happy google wave user? – No, I don't use googlewave because I have no account. Just a hype? #
  • RT: @seanHodge: Trend Spotting: The Beauty of Using Two Colors, Black and White in Graphic Design | Onextrapixel #
  • Searching for a shop-extension for #typolight or a open source shop system for a small business. Any suggestions? #
  • Great GIMP tutorial: Reader Tutorial: Colorful Light Effect in GIMP – – also great for Photoshop (seen @abduzeedo) #
  • Great glow effect (gimp tutorial): . But definitly works in Photoshop too. #
  • RT: @seanHodge: Professional Workflow for Creating Photorealistic Portraits in Ai. Vector+ Tutorial: *gradient mesh #
  • RT @Oksancia: Inspiration: Sketch of the entire New York skyline from memory (via A CUP OF JO) #
  • RT @brandsimplicity: RT @DesignerDepot: Web Design Trends for 2010: #
  • RT: @alexmanig: loves the "MakeGrid" script in indesign. – Yes, there a lots of scripts for InDesign out there: #
  • RT: @petapixel: The sea of salty lakes in Russia: #

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